The Eastern Transportation Coalition’s Vehicle Probe Project (VPP) began in 2008 with the primary goal to provide Coalition members with the ability to acquire reliable travel time & speed data for their roadways without the need for sensors and other hardware.

The VPP surpassed the original expectations and also provided real-time & historical tools for operations and planning. The VPP continued to move forward again in 2014 with a “traffic probe data marketplace”.

Three highly qualified vendors (HERE, INRIX and TomTom) were selected to provide data under the new contract. This structure gives agencies the opportunity to select the vendor that best suits their individual needs at a cost that was negotiated for the Corridor. With this marketplace, member agencies realized up to 50% cost savings (from the previous agreement) on the purchase of real‐time data.

The data is still subjected to rigorous validation for reliability. In addition, real-time data, regardless of vendor, is available to each of the participating agencies providing a truly shared effort. Representatives from member agencies purchasing data (state points of contact) meet twice a year to discuss the validation and current status of the program.

Data Validation: includes reports on all of the data validation efforts to date.

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VPP Arterial Validation

  • VPP Arterial Validation Report – September 2019 
    • This report provides an update to the 2015 Arterial Validation arterial report. It quantifies the accuracy of VPPII data across 13 additional arterial datasets and two additional vendors, and compares these results to the original VPPI case studies.
  • VPP Arterial Validation Report – June 2015
    • Please read the report for important recommendations and findings
    • VPPI data collected from April 2013 through June of 2014, on 14 corridors within the states of NJ, PA, MD, VA, and NC
  • Fidelity of Vehicle Probe Project Data on Arterial Corridors Webcast – April 30, 2015

VPPII (from 7/2014 to present)

VPPI (from 7/2009 to 7/2014)

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Technical Documents for VPPII (from 7/2014 to Present)

Technical Documents for VPPI (from 7/2009 to 7/2014)

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Project Presentations: includes the presentations and minutes for each of the VPP Team webcasts & other pertinent presentations.

Presentations for VPPII (from 7/2014 to present)

Presentations for VPPI (7/2013 to 7/2014)

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