Hurricane Sandy After Action Review Report

On October 29, 2012, Hurricane Sandy moved ashore near Atlantic City, New Jersey. The storm caused substantial devastation across a 17-state region, with over 100 storm-related deaths, power loss to over eight million people, and estimates of property damage in the tens of billions of dollars.1 2 One of the functional areas of impact of Hurricane Sandy was the need to transport oversize and overweight vehicles through the affected region. Transport was needed to secure equipment and job sites in the path of Sandy, to bring relief equipment and supplies to damaged areas, and to clear damage and debris from affected areas.

A core mission of the Eastern Transportation Coalition, since its inception, has been cross-border/multi-jurisdictional response coordination for major traffic incidents. This program activity remains a high priority, and encompasses major transportation system impacts caused by any significant event, including those caused by severe weather.

As part of this program, the Coalition conducted a Super Storm Sandy After Action Review. Read the final report below.

NASTO / I-95 Corridor Coalition Hurricane Sandy After Action Review (AAR) Final Report