About the Operations Academy™ 

The Operations Academy™ is a total immersion transportation systems management and operations (TSMO) program, that has become the nationwide standard for TSMO training. It was developed in response to the increasing demand for personnel with skills in these areas and has trained over 650 professionals since the first class was held in 2007. The program uses a mix of classroom instruction, workshops, and analysis of existing systems to ensure the retention of the principles presented. It provides opportunities to practice and internalize the principles learned which is not possible in traditional classes and short courses. The completion of this program represents a significant accomplishment for each participant. Acceptance to the program is competitive, and requires the nomination of a local, State or Federal transportation agency. It also requires a commitment on the part of those attending the program to satisfy the pre-study requirements, and to spend two uninterrupted weeks participating in the Academy’s activities. The academy provides a significant development opportunity to career professionals in transportation management and operations. The development of the Operations Academy™ was funded by the Eastern Transportation Coalition and the Center for Advanced Transportation Technology (CATT) at the University of Maryland. The Eastern Transportation Coalition continues to fund their members attendance through annual scholarships.

For more information go to the Operations Academy Senior Management Program website.

  • October 2013 Graduate, Captain David Allen from North Carolina Highway Patrol is presented his graduation certificate by FHWA Executive Director, Jeff Paniati.

  • The first Coalition members to attend the Operations Academy Senior Management Program when it began in March 2007.

  • October 2018 Graduates.

  • October 2017 Graduates.

  • October 2016 Graduates.

  • November 2015 Graduates.

  • October 2014 Graduates.

  • Describe current transportation systems management and operations (TSMO) strategies and create action plans for application of TSMO within their organization.
  • Develop skills that position participants for career advancement while maintaining an appreciation for TSMO benefits.
  • Effectively advocate for TSMO within their organization and within the transportation community.
  • Develop relationships with other participants that will sustain their career development into the future.

The Senior Management Program is designed for mid to high level managers whose existing or future responsibilities include transportation management and operations.

The positions listed below are provided as an indication of the types of participants that would benefit from the Operations Academy™ Program. This list is not intended to be complete, but rather as an indication of the backgrounds and interests of typical candidates for the Academy program.

  • Director/Manager of Traffic Operations
  • District/Division/State Traffic Engineer
  • Director/Manager of Transportation Planning
  • Regional Director/Operations Chief
  • Director of Maintenance
  • Transportation Operations/Management Center Manager
  • Information Technology Managers
  • Manager of Traffic Engineering in a state or local jurisdiction
  • Senior Transportation Planner in a state or local jurisdiction or MPO
  • Law Enforcement/Public Safety Managers (state or local)

Any student who is interested in participating in the Operations Academy™ must be nominated by a public or federal agency. The nomination form will be reviewed and the student will be informed if he/she has been accepted. The schedule for the application process can be found on the Operations Academy website.

The Eastern Transportation Coalition has funding available to provide full scholarships to employees of Coalition member agencies. If you would like to be considered for one of the scholarships available, you will need to complete and return the nomination form and check the “Eastern Transportation Coalition Scholarship” box under payment options. Scholarships will cover tuition and room/board; participants are responsible for their own travel costs. Nominees selected will be from a variety of Coalition members and states, and represent a variety of operations related responsibilities.