The Eastern Transportation Coalition saw a growing demand for quick-response projects that foster innovative and implementable ideas, test emerging technologies and leverage data that could not be satisfied through existing funding. As a result, they have established a process, Special Cooperative Projects (SCOOP), to identify potential projects from TETC public agency members that meet this criteria.
TETC will convene the SCOOP Steering Committee who are responsible for selection of projects for funding. If a project is selected, TETC will handle contracting and project management.  SCOOP does not provide such project funding directly to agencies, however, TETC will work with the submitters of selected projects and SCOOP representatives for their input and guidance during development of scope and delivery.


  • The work can be completed within six to twelve months
  • The benefits extend beyond one state and support multi-state/cross-border collaboration
  • The project has an urgency, but also support longer range agency initiatives
  • The effort is unique and not underway by any other associations
  • The project supports Coalition’s mission

SCOOP Summary

Special Project Profile Nomination Form

Deadline for FY 25 SCOOP consideration is May31, 2024.
Submissions received after that date will be added to the list for next year’s consideration.

FY23 SCOOP Summary Package

FY24 Project List



FY23 – ADAS Driver Training Module password: jDptEtc723

FY23 – EV Vendor Contractor Model

FY24 – EV Charging Use Specification