The Eastern Transportation Coalition TSMO Program Coordinator Named

Denise Markow has been named the Transportation System Management & Operations (TSMO) Program Coordinator for the Eastern Transportation Coalition. Denise comes to the Coalition from New Hampshire DOT with a tremendous wealth of experience and expertise that is strongly aligned with the Coalition’s focus on improving passenger and freight movement in the region.

Denise’s background includes 20+ years at New Hampshire DOT, most recently serving as TSMO Administrator – responsible for the ITS and Highway Systems Operations programs. She has a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering and is a licensed Professional Engineer in New Hampshire. Beginning on October 4, Denise will manage the Eastern Transportation Coalition’s TSMO Committee to create a forum for members to connect with peers, enhance internal business procedures, share best practices and lessons learned and save agencies time and resources. She will also be responsible for developing concepts for, monitoring and overseeing the TSMO Committee’s and TSMO related projects. As the Coalition’s TSMO representative, Denise will ensure the Coalition’s TSMO related work brings the maximum benefit to Coalition members. On October 4, Denise can be reached by e-mail at