The Eastern Transportation Coalition holds their Annual TIS Meeting at NJTPA

The Eastern Transportation Coalition conducted their Annual Meeting of the Travel Information Services (TIS) Committee on March 15, 2018, which also included members of the Freight-Intermodal Committee. During this meeting, agency members discussed how to get travel info to the freight community as well as efforts on truck parking.  During the afternoon session, 15 member agencies shared their recent travel info efforts with their peers.  More than 50 persons throughout the Coalition participated in-person and via web, representing the Travel Information Services Committee, some members of HOGs groups and the Freight-Intermodal Committee. In addition, in-person participants were able to network with their peers. Click here for the TIS meeting summaryPresentations and other meeting information are available here. 

Prior to the TIS meeting, a TSMO Summit was also held at NJTPA.  During this strategic planning session, member agencies provided their input on efforts that the Coalition should undertake during the FY 2019 as part of their work plan.