Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD): Ways to Integrate into TMC Systems Webinar – October 12, 2017

The Coalition sponsored a webinar, opened to a national audience, on how agenices are integrating CAD into their ATMS. Robert Heller (SwRI) discussed integrating CAD systems with advanced traffic management systems (ATMS) from an integrator perspective. John Horner, P.E. (Q-Free) informed Coalition members about their experience on integrating CAD and ATMS systems and provided lessons learned in their numerous integrations with VDOT. Rounding out the panel was John McClellan (Minnesota DOT) who discussed their CAD-ATMS integration. This informative web based meeting allowed attendees to ask questions on the improvement of CAD integration. Through this webinar, the Coalition was able to support FHWA’s efforts in the Traffic Incident Management Program and EDC4-TIM.  Please click here for more information.