TDM Vendors/Potential Vendors:

The Transportation Data Marketplace (TDM) is intended to provide our members with consistent and reliable data to be used in their day-to-day operations and long-term planning efforts. The information on this page is intended to provide information on the current status of TDM contracting efforts and guide vendor communications with TDM staff.

The status bar below displays the various states of TDM contracts. The highlighted (yellow) box indicates the current state. This will be updated any time there is a change in the status.


For prospective new vendors, we do not currently have an open RFP or a timeline for the next RFP. The only way to sell new datasets/tools through the TDM at this time is as a sub-vendor with an existing prime. You can find a list of vendors and their points of contacts here.

For all vendors (existing and prospective), TETC staff members do not choose or have a say in which vendors or products are added to the TDM. These decisions are made by our members and in compliance with the language of the latest RFP. The Data Showcases/Presentations form will be used to collect information and coordinate demonstrations to members. Please do not email/call TETC personnel for these requests.

Communications with TDM staff are managed through the following forms. We ask that you direct questions and requests in this format, instead of direct emails/calls.

Interest in Becoming a New Vendor

General TDM Procurement/Contracting Questions

Technical/Validation Inquiries

Request to Participate in Data Showcases/Presentations