Open Road Tolling

Toll facilities have transformed in recent decades, allowing drivers to pay tolls – via transponder, license plate image, app payment – without stopping or even slowing.  This reality comes with many benefits: the stress and delay of traffic congestion at toll booths are being eliminated; vehicle emissions are reduced; travel is safer and more convenient; and customer service is increased.  In the era of COVID-19 a touchless toll payment system is even more critical, and many toll authorities have pivoted quickly as a result.

Many customers are now paying tolls using mobile apps.

However, this technology brings with it challenges related to consumer confusion, interoperability, enforcement and toll violators across jurisdictions.  To achieve a seamless regional system that serves tolling customers while minimizing revenue losses requires a coordinated approach.  The Eastern Transportation Coalition has served and will continue to serve as a forum to bring together toll authorities to work toward solutions that work for customers and toll road operators.